A spin-off of the LPRL

CEO: Frederic Peilleron

  • +20 years' entrepreneur
  • management, finance, business development
  • international experience

CSO: Philippe Gravisse

  • Director of LPRL
  • +30 years' experience with light-cascade technology
  • +30 patents

Supporting team

Marc Schifmann, Ph.D. physics
Laboratory manager and director of R&D and industrialization.

Mathieu Caradeuc
Agriculture engineer with INRA-IRHS
Support for agriculture applications

Simon Cordier
Research and development engineer for industrialization of agriculture films

Gildas Guignard
Research and development engineer for photovoltaic applications

Maud Plouzeau
Researcher and engineer working on material aging

The key competencies of the team are

Science: liquid crystals, materials, optics, agronomy, chemistry

Business: Industrial and business development and management

LPRL, 18-20 rue des Presles, 75015 Paris, FRANCE