CASCADE LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES is a spin-off of the LPRL with a mission to develop, industrialize, and market LPRL proprietary optical technologies

Cascade Light Technologies was created to exploit the LPRL technologies that lead to a more efficient use of sunlight for applications in photovoltaics and/or agriculture. Over the last 30 years, the LPRL has built up significant experience in this domain and has created an extensive patent portfolio. The portfolio includes proprietary formulas for "optically active molecules (OAMs), which are used to dope host materials such as PMMA, PEBD-EVEA, or EVA to obtain desirable properties for photovoltaics or agriculture.

Applications of light-cascade technology in agriculture

Cascade Light Technologies is partnering with agriculture-film extruders to apply LPRL technology to agriculture. Cascade Light Technologies provides master batches of optically active material optimized for the given application (see image below). These master batches are used to dope films used in low tunnels and greenhouses.

Master batches of optically active material for use in agriculture greenhouse films.

Ribbon doped with optically active molecules

 Low tunnels

In 2017, Cascade Light Technologies and its partners are commercializing agriculture films for low tunnels (see image at right). These films significantly improve the yield (15% to 50%) of produce such as melons and strawberries compared with conventional films.


Future applications include doping PMMA, glass, and film for use in agricultural greenhouses, such as shown at right.

Advantages of light-cascade technology

Applying the light-cascade technology to low tunnels and greenhouses for agriculture has numerous advantages:

  • Increased harvest
  • Shorter growing period
  • Higher quality produce
  • Reduced need for pesticides
  • Increased farmer income
  • Reduced demand for land surface

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