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LPRL: 30 years of experience in optical technologies

The LPRL specializes in applying passive optically active materials to enhance existing technologies, particularly clean technologies. Without requiring external energy, these materials can modify the spectral content of light via the "light-cascade" principle. The LPRL has physically demonstrated the capacity of these materials to significantly enhance the following technologies:


Accelerated photosynthesis
Low-observable coatings

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Director of the LPRL: Philippe Gravisse

Dr. Gravisse, a physicist with over 30 years' experience in light-matter interactions in the UV, visible, infrared, and HF, has over 30 patents covering light-cascade materials, photovoltaics, low-observable materials, and associated applications. His research and industrial collaborations cover both civilian and military technologies.

History of the LPRL

The laboratory of the LPRL is situated near Nantes, France, and has conducted research and development over the last 30 years to optimize the light-cascade technology for a variety of uses (photovoltaics, agriculture, anticounterfeit markings, low-observable coatings, etc.). Over 29 national and international patents covering a host of optical technologies have resulted from research done at the LPRL.

The LPRL has collaborated with numerous research institutes, both in France and elsewhere, including several units of the CNRS, universities in France and abroad, and industrial research and development groups (e.g., Thales, Becker Industries, Elf).

A multipurpose technology

LPRL research has benefited numerous technologies:

  • improved photovoltaic encapsulation technology,
  • accelerated photosynthesis for more efficient and cleaner agriculture,
  • low-observable coatings for military applications,
  • fiduciary markings for anticounterfeit measures,
  • and numerous other applications.

LPRL, 18-20 rue des Presles, 75015 Paris, FRANCE